American Girl

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The children’s department American Girl Display Cases.

My American Girl program officially commenced on December 20, 2014 with Samantha’s Victorian Christmas Tea Party.
Doll Program
American Girl Doll Lending Program

Samantha’s Victorian Christmas Tea Party (December 2014)
American Girl: Kirsten Larson (January 2015)
American Girl: Addy Walker (February 2015)
American Girl: Kit Kittredge (March 2015)
American Girl: Julie Albright (April 2015)
American Girl: Josefina Montoya (October 2015)
American Girl: Grace Thomas (November 2015)
American Girl: Maryellen Larkin (December 2015)

American Girl: Lea Clark (February 2016)
American Girl: Voting (March 2016)
American Girl: Felicity Merriman (April 2016)
American Girl: Melody Ellison (September 2016)
American Girl: Molly McIntire (October 2016)

American Girl: Modern Earth Day Girl (April 2017)
American Girl: Nanea Mitchell (October 2017)

Luciana Vega (February 2018)
Cécile Rey (April 2018)
Caroline Abbott (September 2018)
Holiday Fashion Show (December 2018)

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