About Briony

The very first thing I am going to do is help you pronounce my name, Briony. If you ever watched Atonement, the main character’s name is Briony. However, I pronounce my name slightly differently. Ignore the “o” and think of Britney without the “t” and you got it!

Alright! Now moving on. I am a quirky youth services reference librarian who absolutely loves my job. I have been working in the library world since 2009 but only received the official title of librarian in May of 2014. My journey has taken me to seven different libraries across three different states. I am now currently working in a library in Southeast Wisconsin, where I share librarian duties with another children’s librarian.

What is awesome about my job is that it allows my inner three-year-old heart shine. I have absolutely no qualms about being silly or messing up. However, I am extremely passionate about the freedom to read and meeting the needs of my community’s children. I love exploring new programs and ideas that will make children excited about coming to the library.

I’m also very obsessive about books. I am a bona fide book sniffer. At anytime you can find me reading six different library books and hoarding about another 40 in my house. I love almost all books, but I am particularly fond of picture books, ya literature, and adult non-fiction. I don’t discriminate.

Finally, I take the approach that you must dance at least once a day!

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