Little STEAMers: Colors

Introduction Tickle The Moon
Tickle the Moon
Tickle your toes.
Clap your hands
And tickle your nose.
Reach up high.
Reach down low.
Turn around,
And say hello!
Source: Storytime Katie has a closing version she found on pinterest. I wanted an opening song, so my coworker reworked it to make an opening song.
Action Rhyme I Spy
I found different objects around the room and the kids had to guess what object I was describing. 
Book  The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
Action Rhyme Color Rhyme 
If your clothes have any red
Put your finger on your head
If your clothes have any blue
Put your finger on your shoe.
If your clothes have any green
Wave your hand so you’ll be seen
If your clothes have any yellow,
Smile like a happy fellow
If your clothes have any brown,
Turn your smile into a frown.
If your clothes have any black,
Put your hands behind your back.
If your clothes have any white,
Clap your hands with all your might.
Source: King County Library System
Dance Song The Color Game Song by Jim Gill
Goodbye Song Tickle the Stars
Tickle the Stars
Tickle your toes
Turn around
And tickle your nose
Reach down low
Reach up high
Storytime’s over
So wave goodbye!
Source:My own modification


Sensory Bags 29495937_1534464573269251_8247651464017608704_n


The objective is to move the buttons into their respective color box or circle.
Source: Hands On As We Grow

LEGOs 29389481_1534464909935884_1957060058114162688_n


The children are suppose to recreate the shape with LEGOs.
Source:Hands On As We Grow

Play-Doh  29366004_1534464216602620_5333482665821601792_n

Play-Doh….enough said.

Pom Pom Buckets 29386757_1534464596602582_3707071244810584064_n


This was a brilliant idea. The kids LOVED this station! Super easy and cost effective.
Source: Happy Toddler Playtime