Sensory Sprouts: Weather Boot

Experiment with how different materials react to water. This was inspired from Science Sparks.


·        Paper Boot

·         Pipette

·         Assortment of Materials

·         Tape

·         Glue


·         Have your child tape or glue the different materials to the paper boot. If you are using glue, try not to drench the materials with glue.

·         Once all materials are taped/glued to the boot, give your child a bowl of water and the pipette. Have your child dribble water on each section of material.

·         Observe how the different materials react to water. Discuss why the material might react the way it does to the water.

MakerSquare: Holiday Button Wreath


·         Poster Board

·         Wrapping Paper

·         Die-Cut Wreath

·         Bow

·         Green and Red Buttons

·         Assortment of Sequins, Stickers, and Dots

·         Glue

·         Popsicle stick

·         Tape


·         Wrap your poster board with the wrapping paper and secure the paper to the back with glue or tape.

·         Glue the die-cut wreath in the center of your poster board.

·         Glue your bow onto the wreath.

·         Glue green and red buttons on the wreath. Enhance the wreath by adding sequins and/or dots.

·         Let the wreath dry and then display it for the holidays!

Sensory Sprouts: “I Spy” Cotton Ball Weather

Create your own “I Spy” cloud.


·        Paper

·         Cotton Balls

·         Feather

·         Button

·         Foamie

·         Dinosaur Die-Cut

·         Shape Die-Cut

·         Glue


·         Have your child stretch and fluff out all the cotton balls. The child can then glue down their cotton balls to make a cloud on the piece of paper.

·         Either the child or adult can then glue or place the rest of the objects on to the cloud.

·         Have your child work on identifying each object. If the objects are not glued down to the cloud, you can rearrange them for another round of “I Spy”.