Rhyming to Read: The Lion and the Unicorn


Opening Song Welcome
Opening Activity Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter
Marmalade and Jam
Let’s say hello as quiet as we can (whisper hello)Loud as we can.
Slow as we can.
Fast as we can.
High as we can.
Low as we can.
Nice as we can.
Source: Jbrary
Rhyme The Lion and the Unicorn
The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicornAll around the town.
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town.
Sorting Activity Dairy vs Grains
I had the kids tell me if the picture fell into Grains or Dairy. I had a trick picture of a plum. They yelled fruit right away!
Matching Activity Match the Rhyme
I found some clipart that related to the rhyme. I then had the kids identify each piece while I hid them under the bread slices (not all pictured). The kids then played a game of memory.
Activity Toast in the Toaster
Toast in the toaster.
Toast in the toaster.
Getting Very hot.
Tick tock, Tick, tock,
Up I pop!
Battle of the Unicorns and Lions I divided my group up into four teams. Two teams of unicorns and two teams of lions. I then gave each group a mason jar filled with heavy whipping cream. While I played the Rocky theme song, the groups had to see who could make their butter the fastest! The little kids went gaga for this. It does take some time with little kids’ strength! I strongly encouraged the adults to also shake the jar also.
Treat We made butter! I then had white bread and brown bread (Technically I bought honey wheat. I wasn’t sure if all little kids enjoyed true wheat bread.) for them to enjoy their butter. I also had grape jelly as a stand-in for plums.

Scavenger Hunt – Mickey Mouse Edition

Our department loves to do scavenger hunts for the kids. They are so easy and great for program numbers. The schools recently had Spring Break and we decided on a Disney themed Spring Break week. Our Scavenger Hunt was inspired directly from The Ultimate Disney Party Book. Highly recommend for lots of ideas. A super awesome volunteer made our Mickeys and I laminated them.