Waddlers (0-12 months)

Our Waddler storytime is a 20 minute program that introduces rhymes, songs, and short stories to babies. We also heavily focus on parent-child interaction.

I do have some structure and rules for baby storytime.

  • I always try to make it as comfortable as possible. This means that I sit on the floor with the parents/guardians. We also sit in a circle so no one feels left out.
  • I ask that no food is handed out during this time. We do not want a baby revolt because little Tommy got Cheerios.
  • I will not be offended if someone has to take a baby out for being fussy, upset or angry.
  • Babies are allowed to roam around and move. I want them to have fun.
  • I ask that everyone participates.

Current Storytime Templates

Thanksgiving Week 2014

2016 Summer Outlines

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