MakerSquare: Desk Pets

Description: Adopt your own desk pet!


·         Container

·         Desk Pet Eraser

·         Adoption Paper Bundle

·         Food Erasers

·         Fabric

·         Stickers


·         Open your container and reveal your desk pet!

·         Fill out your adoption paper bundle.

·         Decorate your desk pet’s home with the stickers. Use your own art supplies at home to further razzle dazzle your pet’s home.

·         Take your desk pet home and care for it. Congratulations!

Sensory Sprouts: Weather Boot

Experiment with how different materials react to water. This was inspired from Science Sparks.


·        Paper Boot

·         Pipette

·         Assortment of Materials

·         Tape

·         Glue


·         Have your child tape or glue the different materials to the paper boot. If you are using glue, try not to drench the materials with glue.

·         Once all materials are taped/glued to the boot, give your child a bowl of water and the pipette. Have your child dribble water on each section of material.

·         Observe how the different materials react to water. Discuss why the material might react the way it does to the water.

MakerSquare: Holiday Button Wreath


·         Poster Board

·         Wrapping Paper

·         Die-Cut Wreath

·         Bow

·         Green and Red Buttons

·         Assortment of Sequins, Stickers, and Dots

·         Glue

·         Popsicle stick

·         Tape


·         Wrap your poster board with the wrapping paper and secure the paper to the back with glue or tape.

·         Glue the die-cut wreath in the center of your poster board.

·         Glue your bow onto the wreath.

·         Glue green and red buttons on the wreath. Enhance the wreath by adding sequins and/or dots.

·         Let the wreath dry and then display it for the holidays!

Sensory Sprouts: “I Spy” Cotton Ball Weather

Create your own “I Spy” cloud.


·        Paper

·         Cotton Balls

·         Feather

·         Button

·         Foamie

·         Dinosaur Die-Cut

·         Shape Die-Cut

·         Glue


·         Have your child stretch and fluff out all the cotton balls. The child can then glue down their cotton balls to make a cloud on the piece of paper.

·         Either the child or adult can then glue or place the rest of the objects on to the cloud.

·         Have your child work on identifying each object. If the objects are not glued down to the cloud, you can rearrange them for another round of “I Spy”.

MakerSquare: Fly Swatter Painting

Slap paint to create a new piece of art. Source.


·         Paint

·         Poster Board

·         Fly Swatter


·         Place the poster board on a flat and sturdy surface.

·         Pour the desired amount of paint dots all over the poster board. Think of the paint as little flies.

·         Have your child swat at the “paint flies” to create a new piece of art.

·         Let the artwork dry once your child is done painting.

Sensory Sprouts: Earth Day Planets

Create your own mini Earth planets. Source.


·        Cotton Pads

·         Pipette

·         Green Concentrated Watercolor

·         Blue Concentrated Watercolor


·         Add water to the green and blue watercolor containers. Stir well.

·         Using the pipette, let your child dribble the blue and green paint to create an Earth.

Makersquare: Water Bead Painting

Create your own water bead painting inspired by waves.


·        Cups

·         Water Beads

·         Paint

·         Poster Board

·         Box or Container


·         Place your water beads in water and let them sit overnight.

·         Once your water beads have fully grown, remove the excess water and divide your water beads into the two cups.

·         Dump one paint color into each cup and mix the paint well with the water beads.

·         Place your poster board into a box or container with sides.

·         Dump each cup of water beads into the container and roll the beads around to create a piece of art.

·         Try to roll the beads in way to create a water effect.

Sensory Sprouts: Puffer Fish

This was inspired by glove bunny craft on tiktok/facebook. However, I wanted to make my own version of it that fit our summer reading theme. A Puffer Fish!


·        Cup

·         Glove

·         Eyeball Sticker

·         Sticker Jewels

·         Straw

·         Rubber band

·         Markers (not provided)


·         Decorate the bottom of the cup with markers.

·         Lay the glove flat and place the eyeball sticker on the thumb of the glove.

·         Decorate the rest of the glove with the sticker jewels.

·         Place the glove carefully over the top of the cup.

·         Secure the glove to the cup with rubber band.

·         Find the hole in the cup and slide the straw into the hole.

·         Carefully blow the puffer fish up!

Swashbuckling Treasure Hunt

Description:We did a scavenger hunt around our library. Kids received a treasure map of the various areas to explore. Once they visited a location a performer or employee would give them a sticker verifying they had explored that area.
My coworker created this treasure map with all the areas for exploration.


We hire a local performer group almost every season. They are fantastic! The first station was the Mermaid location. The mermaid sprayed glitter into the kids’ hair.


I made a semi circle of six different buckets. In each bucket was sand that was hidden with gems and coins. Kids were able to find a coin and gemstone to take home. I did a provide two buckets of water for rinsing off hands.


We had two pirates who made balloon swords for the kids. The only thing I would change would be putting this station inside. The black balloons would get too hot and pop.


This was inside our storytime room. Kids were able to enjoy the tattoo lounge and enjoy the catch of the day with Shark Bait.


This was inside our big meeting room. My coworker found a parrot craft and an ocean beaded necklace craft. We did construct kits. This allowed families to either to bring home their craft or do it at the library. It also controlled how much supplies were used.


IntroductionWelcome by Miss Carole
Daily ReportMonth, Date, Day, Season, Weather
BookCrankenstein by Samantha Berger
Recognition RhymeStress Ball
1-2-3-4-5 Squeeze the ball and slowly count to 5.
Then relax your hand and count to 5.
I handed out pom-poms and we used these for squeezing.
BookThe Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfelt
Action RhymeEmotion Action Song
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.
If you’re mad and you know it, cross your arms.
If you’re frustrated and you know it, stomp your feet.
If you’re excited and you know it, jump up and down.
If you’re sad and you know it, make a frown.
If you’re scared and you know it, hide your face.
Action GameRed Light and Green Light
Happy and Sad
Draw a happy face on one side of the plate and a sad face on the plate.
Give examples and the kids hold up their plates to tell me if they are happy or sad.
Dance SongRun Baby Run by Casper Babypants
Dance SongCan’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake
Dance SongStretching and Counting”
Touch the floor and count to four 1-2-3-4
Stretch up high and count to five 1-2-3-4-5
Now let’s sit and count to six 1-2-3-4-5-6
Source: Lady Librarian’s Literacy, Lifestyle, and Lookbook Log
Closing SongsABCs and Counting
Goodbye songSkidamarink By Old Town School of Folk Music

Craft: A feelings light. Kids can help communicate how they are feeling by utilizing red, yellow or the green light.