MakerSquare: Desk Pets

Description: Adopt your own desk pet!


·         Container

·         Desk Pet Eraser

·         Adoption Paper Bundle

·         Food Erasers

·         Fabric

·         Stickers


·         Open your container and reveal your desk pet!

·         Fill out your adoption paper bundle.

·         Decorate your desk pet’s home with the stickers. Use your own art supplies at home to further razzle dazzle your pet’s home.

·         Take your desk pet home and care for it. Congratulations!

Sensory Sprouts: “I Spy” Cotton Ball Weather

Create your own “I Spy” cloud.


·        Paper

·         Cotton Balls

·         Feather

·         Button

·         Foamie

·         Dinosaur Die-Cut

·         Shape Die-Cut

·         Glue


·         Have your child stretch and fluff out all the cotton balls. The child can then glue down their cotton balls to make a cloud on the piece of paper.

·         Either the child or adult can then glue or place the rest of the objects on to the cloud.

·         Have your child work on identifying each object. If the objects are not glued down to the cloud, you can rearrange them for another round of “I Spy”.

Sensory Sprouts: Earth Day Planets

Create your own mini Earth planets. Source.


·        Cotton Pads

·         Pipette

·         Green Concentrated Watercolor

·         Blue Concentrated Watercolor


·         Add water to the green and blue watercolor containers. Stir well.

·         Using the pipette, let your child dribble the blue and green paint to create an Earth.

MakerSquare: Fly Swatter Painting

Slap paint to create a new piece of art. Source.


·         Paint

·         Poster Board

·         Fly Swatter


·         Place the poster board on a flat and sturdy surface.

·         Pour the desired amount of paint dots all over the poster board. Think of the paint as little flies.

·         Have your child swat at the “paint flies” to create a new piece of art.

·         Let the artwork dry once your child is done painting.