American Girl: Melody Ellison (September 2016)

For my fall kick-off, I picked Melody Ellison to celebrate. I’ve known since last Spring that I would like to create a program around her.Melody’s books are full of different ideas and approaches. I decided to focus on her singing and gardening.

Melody is active in her church. An element of many churches, not all, are stained glass windows. I immediately decided to tie-in stained glass artwork. I gave the participants examples of different stained glass windows. Some of them were religious while others were just pretty windows. I did do a traditional template of church window to keep it some what tied to Melody, but I let the kids go wild with their designs.

IMG_3678   IMG_3714


The second portion of the program was the gardening aspect. I really struggled with what I wanted the kids to plant. Do I do flowers or something easier? What about the cold weather? I actually decided to do grass! It’s fairly easy to grow in cups, and I told them if they took care of their grass they could cut and style it. I ended putting out sharpie paint pens and allowed to them decorate their cups.

14329917_1056910554357991_1750565884450805403_n 14333568_1056911551024558_4127852676267347033_n 14322773_1056910771024636_1084223171579830134_n

Our snack was pretty simple. POPSICLES! I let the kids and parents have at least two of them.

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