American Girl: Lea Clark (February 2016)

We kicked off 2016 with the girl of the year, Lea Clark.

Our chosen activities were:

  • Photography
  • Picture Frames
  • Destination Door Hangers

Since Lea Clark is big into taking pictures, we wanted to give our participants the opportunity to flex their own photography skills. Unfortunately, we only had one bona fide camera, so we opted to also use the camera in the ipads. My helper would take a group of three girls out around the library for about 5 minutes and give them the chance to take pictures of things they liked. We would then upload their pictures to the computer and have them pick their favorite picture. About a week later I had printed off all their pictures. Warning: this activity is very time consuming and we did run about 10 minutes over.

Here are a few of the shots the kids took:

IMG_0012  IMG_0012

While the kids rotated out for pictures, the other half of the kids worked on their picture frames and destination door hangers. Obviously, the picture frame was meant to house their awesome pictures, but the door hanger let them show off their collage skills. We had grabbed a bunch of magazines that showcased fashion, travel, and animals. They could put on their hangers where they would travel, what they would pack, and what they would see.

 524832_931048163610898_3030136066935912386_n 10387430_931048230277558_4421461863533635233_n

Our snack was Brigadeiro! I had a blast making this Brazilian delicacy. You can either eat it when it is goopy hot, more like a caramel, or like a truffle. I was not comfortable with making it as a truffle, so I went more for more a caramel. I used the recipe from but did some research. It is recommended that you use a Nestle chocolate instead of the unsweetened chocolate. The Odyssey Online gave a great outline with pictures on how to make this delicious treat!

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