Sensory Playtime (February 2016)

Station 1: Lincoln Logs

12744250_931050180277363_8587582937894613099_n  1927748_931051036943944_3329532514253528010_n


Station 2:  Texture Bags

12733395_931050340277347_830264507367726547_n  12728939_931050403610674_1461481984861775963_n.jpg

Station 3: Duplo Blocks

12718066_931050286944019_3269463807091645364_n 12744067_931050346944013_3735899198023817254_n


Station 4: Pumpkin Goop

12743838_931050400277341_3342294195850276142_n  12744136_931050446944003_4560550910205503212_n.jpg


Station 5: Messy Pictures

12734054_931050493610665_3555190119175247599_n 1383931_931050460277335_7386420301806568453_n.jpg



Station 6: Texture and Mirrors

12744246_931050216944026_2662303517742298459_n.jpg  12745906_931050270277354_8427196379410118502_n


We were pretty busy with this sensory playtime despite the beautiful weather! The kids really gravitated to our pumpkin spice goop. We saw several kids who would play the goop, wash their hands, and go right back to playing with the goop!

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