American Girl – Cécile Rey


Introduction I’ve been really wanting to do a Cécile Rey program for a while now but did not really know what theme I wanted to focus on. Flipping through her books, I came across the yellow fever! I am a total sucker for morbid information, and I figured the subject was fair game if it was in her books.

For my opening remarks, I gave the kids information about New Orleans during Cécile’s time, and how yellow fever was rampant. I provided all the kids an 1853 map of the United States, and they had to color in Louisiana and pinpoint New Orleans.

Symptom Checker/ Nursing Activity After we talked about New Orleans, we started talking about the yellow fever. I gave the symptoms of yellow fever, and the kids colored and marked a human body chart with each of the symptoms.

30704620_1558708134178228_8145136036385652736_n  30713787_1558708594178182_2118645317724274688_n

I also emphasized that this was a time where the community would tend to their neighbors if they were sick. I gave each kid a packet of gauze and they could either wrap their dolls or another person.
30704448_1558709170844791_4957815525846548480_n (1)

Masquerade Masks I honestly could not not do masquerade masks. I outreached to a fellow librarian who lives in New Orleans, and she said that masquerades happen all the time. I figured that my participants would enjoy making their own masks.
Mosquito Spray Finally, I decided to do a modern twist on the yellow fever. Why not make our own mosquito spray? I researched the different options and picked a kid-safe/toddler-safe spray recipe. I notified the parents about testing the spray first on clothing.

I had an assembly line set-up and the kids moved down the table.
30704652_1558709500844758_5922803946073620480_n 30713821_1558708567511518_7679534905457377280_n.jpg

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