Gross-Out Cook-Off

Our library really enjoys doing cooking programs for the public. We have started getting in the habit of doing a cook-off at least once a year, and this past year we did a Gross-Out Cook-Off for children in grades 4-12th grade. This was a collaboration between the children’s department and the teen department.
Here were the rules:

  • Children and teens in grades 4-12 may enter “Gross-Out Cook-Off.” Prizes will be awarded in three grade categories: 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12.
  • Registration is required for entry into “Gross-Out Cook-Off.”
  • Each contestant may enter only one entry, and it must be an individual entry. No teams will be accepted.
  • Entries can be sweet or savory and must include a copy of the recipe (which includes any changes you made to the recipe). Also provide information on where the recipe came from (name of blog, cookbook, website, etc.). Include your name and grade with the recipe.
  • The dish will be judged based on the following categories:
    • Appearance –How gross it looks on the plate and the presentation. The grosser, the better!
    • Creativity –Types of ingredients used in the recipe.
    • Taste—How the ingredients work together and the overall taste. It should look and sound gross, but taste amazing!

Here are a few pictures of our entries:
37305691_1668558936526480_2435487116734496768_n 37361209_1668558306526543_4351909362525011968_n
37366076_1668558109859896_4696598887668908032_n 37410802_1668557379859969_7898455710726356992_n

37537787_1668558663193174_8195338642093244416_n 37583716_1668558369859870_5265532426318249984_n

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