American Girl: Molly McIntire (October 2016)

This was my last American Girl Program for 2016, and I really wanted to do something extra special. I brainstormed for several weeks and realized that Molly allowed me to incorporate the holidays from October-December into the program. I also was afforded the opportunity to pair with my one of my coworkers to provide a special element with her own organization.

The Set-Up:

The Plan:

I thought because of Molly’s father being in the military during WWII it would be perfect for my participants to write letters and draw pictures for the military overseas. My coworker runs a Book For Soldiers (but sends out to all branches of the military), and I said I would have my people write their letters/pictures and she can put them in the care packages for the Winter Holidays!

We also made up some goody bags! For majority of the year, she cannot send chocolate out, so we made sure to include chocolate.

The second part of the program was for the participants to make their own hulu skirts in honor of Molly’s own hulu skirt for Halloween. We talked about how during WWII many kids resorted to making their own costumes.


I found instructions at this site. I kept it fairly simply. I figured since Molly’s skirt was green then our skirts should be green!



I found out that kids ate doughnuts and tootsie pops during Molly’s time. We also had Apple Cider, since Molly had Apple Cider during her Halloween!


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