American Girl: Julie Albright (April 2015)

Alright, work has been extremely busy with summer reading program, and I have fallen off the wagon with updating. I’m going to try and catch up by doing at least a post week (hopefully two).

My final American Girl program was focused on Julie Albright. I figured we could end the spring series with some disco dancing, pet rocks, and tie-dying.

I did my traditional opening with a brief powerpoint about the Julie’s era, the 1970s. After introducing Julie, I then talked about how popular pet rocks where during this time. I gave a brief history about how pet rocks got started. I then let the kids and their adults loose to paint their own pet rocks.

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After our pet rock project, we moved on to tie-dying (how could we not). There were quite a few chuckles from the older crowd. I would have loved to actually tie-dye shirts, but coffee filters are just as fun. I had the crowd decorate their coffee filters (each person got three) and then my helpers walked around and spritzed each filter with water. We saw some really groovy combinations.

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We finally ended with a mini party. I served Doritos and root beer to the kids. I always knew that Doritos was popular, but who knew how crazy the kids would go for their own batch. I actually had to give five girls Oreos because I ran out of Doritos. Next time I will buy three party bags instead of just two! I then threw some ABBA on and let them have their own dancing party.