Time Travelers: Titanic

IntroductionI welcomed my kids and families to my program. Each person randomly picked
a Titanic passenger from a bucket when they entered the meeting room.
I then kicked off with a Powerpoint and discussed the basics of the Titanic.
I finally introduced our three projects.
Iceberg ScienceIceberg Deception and Iceberg art
I had prepared “icebergs” using muffin tins. I gave each kid a cold glass
of water. We observed how the ice looked very smooth on the surface of the water
but there was a large chunk of ice undetected under water.

The kids then received a new iceberg. They sprinkled some ice on top of it and then
using pipettes to dribbles colored water over their icebergs.
Source: Science Fun
CraftMorse Code Bracelet
The kids created beaded bracelets based off morse code. Unfortunatley, the link I used for
inspiration is no longer available.
Boat ScienceTinfoil and Pool
I gave the kids each a tinfoil and they had to try and make a tinfoil boat that would
hold the most glass stones. I could a several boats that did not sink!
TreatsIce Cream and Oreos
For our treat, we served ice-cream and Oreos. Oreos were first released on March 6, 1912.
I thought it was very fitting, since the Titanic sank a month later.
Did you survive?The last part was where I revealed information about each person’s Titanic passenger.
They found out if they survived the sinking.

I unfortunately have no pictures from this event. I did not have my normal help, and I ended up running around most

of the program.

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