Junior Favorites: T.O.T.S.

This was one of my last programs before we had to shut down for the pandemic. Disney T.O.T.S. was gaining popularity and I wanted to do it as a part of my Junior Programs. I made a variety of stations that was based off a Nursery Checklist.

Set-UpI had several stations based off the TV show.
Children also received a check-list that guided them
through the stations.

Station 1Kids picked their baby from a bin when they collected their Nursery Checklist.

Station 2Once the kids picked their baby, they would take the babies to the play area.
I had a ball pit, blocks, and stacking toys. Of course the kids played more with
the toys themselves.

Station 3The babies would be hungry after so much play. The kids had to make bottles and feed
their babies. This was a great sensory station. I had extra bottles that the kids would fill
with lentils. Be aware that this can be very messy!

Station 4The kids would then take their babies to the bathing station.
The water beads were another hit. However, they were super messy.

Station 5After giving their babies a bath, the kids would them swaddle up and deliver the babies
to their new homes.

CraftsOnce the kids completed all the stations, they could create their own T.O.T.S. badge
and a Baby Passport.

Photo OpOur super volunteer made me this great backdrop!

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