Fish – Preschool

Introduction  Put Your Finger in the Air by Carole Peterson
BookGilbert Goldfish Wants a Fish by Kelly DiPucchio
Action RhymeThe Animal Walk
Can you walk like a bug? How would you walk if you had six legs?
How do cows walk? They are so big!
How do frogs walk? Do they walk or jump?
Snakes don’t have legs? How do they get around? They slither!
What about horses? They gallop!
Do fish walk? No, they swim!
Show me how you can swim.
Do bees walk? No, they fly!
Show me how you can fly.
Book The Cow Said Meow by John Himmelman
Action RhymeThe Fish in the Sea
The fish in the sea
Go swish, swish, swish,(wave scarf side to side)
swish, swish, swish, swish,
swish, swish
The fish in the sea go swish, swish, swish
All day long.
Action RhymeFish, Fish Tune: 
Skip to my Lou
Fish, fish, swim up high.
Fish, fish, swim down low.
Fish, fish, swim so fast.
Fish, fish, swim so slow.
Action RhymeDid You Ever See a Fishy (Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie)
Did you ever see a fishy, a fishy, a fishy
Did you ever see a fishy, swim this way (lean forward) 
and that (lean backwards)?
Swim this way (lean to the right)
 and that way (lean to the left),
and that way (lean forward) 
and this way (lean backwards).
Did you ever see a fishy,
swim this way (lean right) 
and that (lean left).
Group ActivityFish Addition
I gave each kid a sheet and a cup of goldfish. We did simple addition and subtraction.
Dance SongThe Goldish by Laura Berkner
Cool DownAlphabet Count to 15
Goodbye SongWiggle Finger! By Miss Carole
Source: iHeartCraftyThings


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