Pajama Rama – In the Woods

Introduction Tickle the Moon

Tickle the Moon
Tickle your toes.
Clap your hands
And tickle your nose.
Reach up high.
Reach down low.
Turn around,
And say hello!Source: Storytime Katie has a closing version she found on pinterest. I wanted an opening song, so my coworker reworked it to make an opening song.

Warm-up Rhyme Lumberjack, Lumberjack

Lumberjack, Lumberjack turn around.

Lumberjack, Lumberjack touch the ground.

Lumberjack, Lumberjack grow a beard. (pat face)

Lumberjack, Lumberjack show no fear. (show muscles)

Lumber, Lumberjack eat some snacks. (mimic eating)

Lumberjack, Lumberjack swing your ax (swinging motion)

Lumberjack, lumberjack yell Timber (yell Timber)

Lumberjack, lumberjack here comes winter! (mimic snowflake)

Source: My creation

Book  Bruce’s Big Move


Flannel Squirrel
Book  Book-O-Beards


Activity with puppets There’s something in the woods, that I can’t really see.

There’s something in the woods, that I can’t really see.
(hands around eyes like binoculars)
There’s something in the woods. Now what can it be?
(hold up hands, shrug shoulders in question)Repeat above rhyme before giving each clue….

I’m an animal who’s big, brown and furry and who “Roars” (bear).
I’m an animal who’s who has long ears and goes “Hop, hop, hop” (rabbit).
I’m an animal who says ‘whoo, whoo’ at night (Owl).
I’m an animal who’s red, furry, has a big bushy tail and likes to eat chicken (Fox)
I’m an animal who’s small, has a big, bushy tail and loves to eat nuts (Squirrel).
I’m an animal who’s tiny and makes very quiet “squeaks” (Mouse).

Source: Singin in the Stacks

Nursery Rhyme with Action Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock,
The Moose ran up the clock.
The clock struck one,
The Moose crashed down!
Hickory Dickory Dock

Source: What Happens In Storytime

Action Rhyme If You’re a Fox and You Know It

If You’re a Fox and You Know It…
If you’re a fox and you know it
Swish your tail.
If you’re a fox and you know it
Swish your tail.
If you’re a fox and you know, then you’ll really want to show it
If you’re a fox and you know it
Swish your tail.
…wiggle your nose…
…show your claws…

If you’re a moose and you know it… stomp your hoofs.

If you’re a grizzly bear and you know growl really loud

Dance Song This is the Way the Woods Wake Up/ She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain
Dance Song Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Songs for Wiggle Worms
Dance Song You Are My Sunshine
Cool Down Song ABCs
Goodbye Song  Tickle the Clouds

Tickle the clouds
Tickle your toes
Turn around
And tickle your nose
Reach down low
Reach up high
Storytime’s over
So wave goodbye!
Source: Storytime Katie

Craft: We actually do crafts after the storytime unlike our other storytimes. This craft was super awesome (easy clean-up) and hit with my patrons.


Source: Door 2 Door Librarian

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