Little STEAMers: Winter

Storytime Portion

Opening Song Tickle the Sun
Tickle your toes.
Clap your hands
And tickle your nose.
Reach up high.
Reach down low.
Turn around,
And say hello!Source: Storytime Katie has a closing version she found on pinterest. I wanted an opening song, so my coworker reworked it to make an opening song.
What is Winter? What Do we need for winter? I found simple Clipart pictures for discussion. My pictures included:

Snow, a person imitating cold, mittens, coat, and a hat with mittens.

Rhyme It Is Winter
Tune: Are You Sleeping?”It is winter,
It is winter,
Oh, so cold!
Oh, so cold!
Icy, snowy weather,
Long nights and short days,
Winter’s here!
Winter’s here!
Book Supertruck by Stephen Savage


Flannel Where is Snowball


I hid the two snowballs and had the kids guess which mitten the snowball was under. If they found the yellow snowball, we talked about why you don’t eat yellow snow.

Rhyme Jack Frost

Where did you get that little red nose?
Jack Frost kissed it I suppose.
He kissed it once.
He kissed it twice.
Poor little nose it’s as cold as ice!

Book  Little Penguins by Cynthia Rylant


Action Song We’re Marching in the Snow
Action Song I’m a Little Snowman
Goodbye Song Tickle the Clouds
Tickle your toes
Turn around
And tickle your nose
Reach down low
Reach up high
Storytime’s over
So wave goodbye!
Source: Storytime Katie

Activity Portion

Winter in a Bag IMG_3230[1]

Source: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Ball Sort IMG_3225[1]

Source:I Can Teach My Child

How Tall are you IMG_3227[1]

I marked out 9 ft on a piece of duct tape. The kids had the option of either laying down and their grown up laying mittens next to them, or they could jump and see how many mittens it would take to measure the distance.

Counting IMG_3228[1]

The kids would take a handful of buttons and work on matching the number of buttons to the number on a mitten.

Source: Play to Learn Playschool


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