American Girl: Luciana (February 2018)

Overview To kick off our 2018 American Girl program, we did Luciana Vega. I found a TON of space activities and crafts that I could do with my patrons. There were the ones I ultimately picked.
Introduction First order of business was to give a quick background on Luciana and why we were going into her world this month.
Group Activity Waning Moon with Oreos
Who doesn’t love Oreos? This was my first thought when I was researching activities for this session. I quickly found the moon phase project.I had a powerpoint that discussed the different phases of the moon. With each phase, the kids either licked or scraped off the filling of the cookie.28783431_1521245074591201_5423077596225902188_nThis activity was on several different websites. The worksheet came from Teachers Pay Teachers.
Group Activity Star Constellations
Our next activity was making a constellation out marshmallows. I guided the kids into making the big dipper.IMG_4079
Galaxy Jars Galaxy Jars
Our last activity, and by far the favorite was the galaxy jars. I set out a ton of paint for the kids to choose from. Pink and purple were the favorite of all colors. I would probably recommend skipping black paint. During the sample process, the black overtook the other colors.28783650_1521244634591245_641658170233454629_n.jpg

I would recommend writing out the rules, so the adults know the exact order on how to do the jars. I spent a good amount of time reiterating the sequence.

The second advice is not the SHAKE the jar, but rather, swirl it enough to mix the colors.
The pink and purple jar was a jar that was fully shaken during the process. It eventually settled and did have some differences between the colors. The jar on the right was swirled.

Passive Activity Moon Walk
Our last activity was a moon walk replication. I bought some car sponges and had the kids attach it to their feet. I strongly recommend buying the thickest sponges for this activity. I unfortunately bought thinner ones, so the kids had to stack multiple sponges for their walk.IMG_3874 28783184_1521245584591150_3754129997395500038_n