Rhyming to Read: Patience is a Virtue

Introduction Good Morning
Introduction of Rhyme Patience is a Virtue
Patience is a virtue,
Virtue is a grace,
Grace is a little girl
Who wouldn’t wash her face!I decided to focus on the aspect of not washing her face this session. We talked about germs and the importance of washing our hands.
Book Sick Simon by Dan Krall


Game All the Little Germs
All the little germs, dirty and mean,
Hiding on your palms, (point to where they’re hiding)
Where they cannot be seen.
Wash them, (rub hands together)
Scrub them, (rub knuckles together)
Rinse them away. (whisk hands across each other)
Then we’ll have clean hands, (hold hands out palm up)
Hip, hip, hooray! (jazz hands!)
…hiding between your fingers…
…hiding behind your hands…
…hiding on your thumbs…
…hiding under nails…
…hiding on your wrists…
Source: Storytime Katie
Game Found this game on Pinterest. I had my volunteer cut out die-cut handprints, put a variety of “germs” into baggies, and made me a custom dice labeled with the designated sides.

The kids enjoyed this game and we played it three times.

Teaching Patience I put out a bucket of water, soap, towel. I was supposed to have pudding to represent mud/germs, but I forgot to bring some. I then told the kids a good rule of thumb is to sing your ABCs while washing your hands. I then soaped up my hands and we all sang ABCs while I washed my hands.
Science Activity My last project was a science activity. I recommend you setting up this activity before your program.
Goodbye Song  Skidamarink

Craft: There wasn’t a lot of crafts out there for “Patience is a Virtue,” so we created our coloring sheet.

And then we had a hand washing craft.