Little STEAMers – Robots


Introduction Welcome
Finger Rhyme 5 Shiny Robots
Five shiny robots, playing marbles on the floor,
One went home and then there were four,
Four shiny robots, playing in a tree,
One went home and then there were three,
Three shiny robots with nothing left to do,
One went home and then there were two,
Two shiny robots, think of something fun,
One went home and there was one,
One shiny robot pretending to be a hero,
His mother called him home and then there were zero
Source: King County Library System
Book Robot Zombie Frankenstein by Annette Simon
Action Rhyme I Am A Robot
I am a robot (march in place with robot arms)
I am a robot
Clank Clank (bend forwards and back at waist)
Clank Clank (bend side-to-side at waist)
ZZZZZZZZrt (raise arms up while shaking them)
CRASH (Either fall, or “lose power’ or clap)
Source: Future Librarian Superhero 
The purpose of this Little STEAMers was to introduce our patrons to new technology toys the library owns.
Craft 1: Finger Robots
I technically combined two different craft inspirations (Inspiration 1 and Inspiration 2)to come up with this little guy.
Robot Fingers
Activity 1: Osmo
If you are contemplating buying the Osmo…DO IT. They are so much fun. My coworker had to pull me away from it when I first tried it out. The kids LOVED this station and many parents inquired where they could purchase it. Osmo recently rolled out an edition for the Kindle (much easier on wallet than purchasing an Ipod).
Osmo 2.jpg
Activity 2: Code-a-Pillar
Code-a-Pillar’s are also fantastic. I had toddlers and older kids interested in this device. Toddlers liked to chase it while my big kids tried to make different combinations with all the pieces. Super awesome as it starts to teach coding at an early age.
Activity 3/4

Little Bits and Snap Circuit
These were two least popular stations, as well as the most in-depth participation to get working. I think my crowd was a smidgen young for them, but I wanted them out for guardians to at least know of their existence. There is also a Snap Circuit Junior. Both of them are super cool if you have the right age group for it.

Snap Circuits

Little Bits