Little STEAMers: Food


Introduction Tickle the Moon

Tickle the Moon
Tickle your toes.
Clap your hands
And tickle your nose.
Reach up high.
Reach down low.
Turn around,
And say hello!

Source: Storytime Katie has a closing version she found on pinterest. I wanted an opening song, so my coworker reworked it to make an opening song.

Book Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin


Action Song Spicy Salsa

We did not have time for this song, but I have made a mental note to do it with the kids another time.

Song Table Manners
(Tune: Frere Jacques)Chewing quietly, chewing quietly
Do not slurp, do not slurp,
We must say excuse me,
We must say excuse me
When we burp,
When we burp.Source:
Activity We made our own butter! I played a list of songs that involved shakes and wiggles (Shake it Off, Hot Potato, Milkshake). I would count to 10 and have the kids pass the jar to the next kid. It worked out great! We had butter by the third song.
Closing Song Tickle the Stars

Tickle the Stars
Tickle your toes
Turn around
And tickle your nose
Reach down low
Reach up high
Storytime’s over
So wave goodbye!



Craft  Taco Bar!



Touch Rainbow Jello Soup


This was the most popular station. It was also the messiest. Word of advice. Clean the big bin right away.

Sorting I printed off the different food groups and assigned each one to a bucket. The kids then sorted the food to the appropriate food bin.


  Imaginary Play We have a play kitchen and I opened it up for the kids to play with.

Summer 2016 Kick-Off: Olympic Games

Last Friday my library officially kicked off our summer reading program with an Olympic Games. We thought an Olympic Games kick-off was appropriate for the theme,  “On Your Mark, Get Set…READ.” We opted to do early registration, crafts, snacks and games.


My coworker loves to find crafts. These are the ideas she found for our kick-off.

IMG_2139[1]  IMG_2140[1]

IMG_2142[1]   IMG_2143[1]



I was in charge of finding games. Unfortunately, our building is without AC, so I decided to find games that would still be entertaining but would not overheat the kids. I thought it would be fun for the kids to have a passport for this section. For every section they completed, they received a sticker. Their final task was to make a ribbon for their completion.

The staff said the long jump and javelin throw were the most popular activities. They said the kids would get very determined and would get back in line to do them again. The Marble Run was so-so. It was kind of a one trick pony.


Long Jump

Javelin Throw

Marble Run


Photo Op and Food

We had the Olympic Rings as a Photo Op. Kids could either stick their heads in the holes or stand next to it.


The food was pretty awesome and simple. We bought a mixture of cheesy and movie theater popcorn. We then combined them and made Olympic torches!



We had a total of 315 people for two hours. This was a more low-key event compared to last year’s kickoff. However, with the lack of AC and the number of people, we were OK with it.