Swashbuckling Treasure Hunt

Description:We did a scavenger hunt around our library. Kids received a treasure map of the various areas to explore. Once they visited a location a performer or employee would give them a sticker verifying they had explored that area.
My coworker created this treasure map with all the areas for exploration.


We hire a local performer group almost every season. They are fantastic! The first station was the Mermaid location. The mermaid sprayed glitter into the kids’ hair.


I made a semi circle of six different buckets. In each bucket was sand that was hidden with gems and coins. Kids were able to find a coin and gemstone to take home. I did a provide two buckets of water for rinsing off hands.


We had two pirates who made balloon swords for the kids. The only thing I would change would be putting this station inside. The black balloons would get too hot and pop.


This was inside our storytime room. Kids were able to enjoy the tattoo lounge and enjoy the catch of the day with Shark Bait.


This was inside our big meeting room. My coworker found a parrot craft and an ocean beaded necklace craft. We did construct kits. This allowed families to either to bring home their craft or do it at the library. It also controlled how much supplies were used.