Kinder Gardens: July 2017

Opening Song I’m a Little Seed by Miss Carole
Book (Rain) 13544449
Hand Rhyme Five Little Flowers

One little flower growing just for you.
(hold up 1 finger)
Up came another and then there were two.
(hold up 2 fingers)
Two little flowers growing near a tree.
Up came another and then there were three.
(hold up 3 fingers)
Three little flowers growing more and more.
(move hand up)
Up came another and then there were four
(hold up 4 fingers)
Four little flowers growing side by side.
Up came another and then there were five.

Source: King County Library System

Songs For Wiggle Worms You are My Sunshine

It rained us out of the garden on this day, so we were stuck inside. However, it made for the perfect opportunity to paint rocks for our gardens. Painting rocks has been a HUGE hit for our library. Our adult librarian has provided several sessions for adults. We have received numerous requests for rock painting for kids and teens.

19894984_1320599597989084_6463832448367777428_n  20108340_1320599394655771_1026737961834075771_n  19905132_1320599284655782_3124895503220176805_n.jpg

19990268_1320599377989106_8534447474482853543_n.jpg  20031911_1320599307989113_217618450101488232_n

Kinder Gardens: June 2017

My library recently acquired four garden beds for our community. I collaborated with my assistant director, who is a HUGE gardener, about this program.

I thought it would be appropriate to have program allowing our tiny patrons an opportunity to garden.

I structured this program to have a mini storytime (think 10 minutes) followed by garden activities.

This was my set-up for the first Kinder Gardens:

Kinder Gardens, June 21

Opening Song I’m a Little Seed by Miss Carole
What is a Garden?

What do you need to garden?

Why should we garden?

Book  Up, Down, and Around by Kevin Henkes


Action Rhyme Little Seed in the Ground
Little seed in the ground (crouch down on the floor)
Sitting so still (stay crouching)
Little seed, will you sprout?
Yes, I will! (jump up!)Source:
Songs For Wiggle Worms You are My Sunshine

We then moved outside:

We had the children plant seeds and plants:

19420421_1302042003178177_3216923154292024382_n 19424433_1302045906511120_8409372123874872839_n

We also weeded one of garden beds:


Our grand finale was releasing ladybugs to help our plants:

19275040_1302041636511547_1673773972793875386_n.jpg  19420870_1302041783178199_8887947532394665448_n