Farm Storytime

IntroductionWelcome by Miss Carole              
Action RhymeTo Market, To Market
To market, to market (march slowly in place)
To buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again (hop)
Jiggety jig.
To market, to market (march slowly in place)
To buy a fat hog.
Home again, home again (hop)
Jiggety jog
Book Cow Says Meow by Kirsti Call
Finger RhymeFive Fluffy Chickens
Five Eggs and Five Eggs (hold up each fist)
and that makes ten.
Sitting on top is Mother Hen. (lace your hands/fingers together)
Cackle, cackle, cackle (clap your palms together three times)
And what do I see? (Shrug shoulders)
Ten fluffy chickens (wiggle fingers around like little chickens)
Yellow as can be.
Weekly RhymeThis is Big, Big, Big
This is big, big, big.
This is small, small, small.
This is short, short, short.
This is tall, tall, tall.
This is fast, fast, fast.
This is slow, slow, slow.
This is yes, yes, yes.
This is no, no, no.
Source: Melissa Depper, a children’s librarian in the Denver metro area
BookCharlie Chick by Nick Denchfield
Action SongDickery Dickery Dare (with die-cut pigs)
Dickery, dickery dare,
The pig flew up in the air.
The man in brown
Soon brought him down!
Dickery, dickery, dare. 
Action RhymeAnimal Sounds
Tune:  “The Farmer In The Dell”
The ducks say, quack, quack.
The ducks say, quack, quack.
Heigh-ho, the Derry-oh,
The ducks say quack, quack! The cows say, moo, moo.
The cows say, moo, moo.
Heigh-ho, the Derry-oh,
The cows say, moo, moo!
Source: Jean Warren
Action RhymeRickety, Rickety, Rocking Horse,
Rickety, rickety, rocking horse,
Over the fields we go.
Rickety, rickety, rocking horse,
Gitty up! Gitty up!
Source: King County Library System: Tell Me a Story
Dance SongI Know a Chicken by Laura Berkner with shaker eggs.
Dance SongAround and Around by Miss Carole
Closing SongsABC, Count to 10
Goodbye songSkidamarink
Source: I Heart Crafty Things