IntroductionPut Your Little Foot By Miss Carole
Daily ReportDay and Weather Report
BookDuck & Goose, How Are You Feeling? by Tad Hills
Recognition RhymeBoo Boo
One, two I’ve got a boo-boo
Three, four, oh, it’s sore!
Five, six, blow it a kiss
Seven, eight, put the bandage on straight
Nine, ten now it’s better again!
Source: King County Library System

I handed out Band-Aids and the kids were able to put on it on their boo-boos.
Weekly RhymeThis is Big, Big, Big
This is big, big, big.
This is small, small, small.
This is short, short, short.
This is tall, tall, tall.
This is fast, fast, fast.
This is slow, slow, slow.
This is yes, yes, yes.
This is no, no, no.
Source: Melissa Depper, a children’s librarian in the Denver metro area

We do it twice. Once with our traditional hand movements and the second time with ASL.
BookGlad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley
Weekly RhymeClap Your Hands
Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap your hands with me.
Clap your hands let me see
Clap your hands with me.

Beep, beep, beep your nose.
Touch, touch, touch your shoulders.
Tap, tap, tap your knees.
Shake, shake, shake your feet.
Source: Found this on another librarian’s site years ago.
Action RhymeI Have Feelings
Tune: Frere Jacques
I have feelings;
I have feelings.
Look at me, and you’ll see.
Sometimes I feel _____,
Really, really ______.
Look at me, and you’ll see.
Source: Totally For Twos
Tune:  “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”
Cry, cry when you’re sad.
Just between me and you.
Don’t be afraid to shed a tear.
It’s the thing to do.
Source: Preschool Express
Action RhymeI’ll Hug You
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell
I’ll hug you
When you’re sad
I’ll hug you
when you’re glad,
I’ll hug you
When you’re feeling scared,
I’ll hug you
When you’re mad.
Source: Busy Bees: Fun for Two’s and Three’s
Dance SongRun Baby Run by Casper Babypants
Dance SongIf You’re Happy and Know It by Blippi
Closing SongsABC, Count to 5
Goodbye songSay Goodbye by Miss Carole

Craft: A feelings light. Kids can help communicate how they are feeling by utilizing red, yellow or the green light.