Miss Briony’s Bubble Party

We decided to change some things up at my library this year. Instead of having six performers, we opted to do some big programming ourselves. One of these programs was Miss Briony’s Bubble Party. Not going to lie…..I had some major anxiety leading up to it. However, it went wonderfully well!

I knew I was going to have a large turnout. I decided to create several stations to help split up the crowd.

Station 1: Bubble Mania!

We have our own bubble machine, but I knew we would need a professional grade bubble machine. Luckily, I found a machine to rent and used it in conjunction with our bubble machine. This obviously was a favorite spot for the kids. They loved being bathed in bubbles.


Station 2: Wand Art

I really liked the idea of the kids being able to blow their own bubble art. I found this idea here. The kids seemed to enjoy it. However, it was a bit too windy for them to really get the artwork going. Most kids ended up smearing the colored bubbles on to their papers.

19260391_1306756699373374_5324424387915617539_n  19554351_1306756516040059_2697513262365919868_n

Station 3: Bubble Art

I really thought this station was going to be the least exciting for the kids. I was wrong. I was not in touch with my inner 3-year-old, and I forgot how much kids enjoy blowing bubbles in liquid with straws. Found this project at this website. We did modify this project and did not place the papers on top of bubbles. The wind was too strong.



Station 4: Whisking Bubbles

I really wanted a station where little hands could easily control their “bubbles.” I found this idea of whisking bubbles. Super easy to recreate if you need to refill the station. Surprisingly, this was also a big hit with the older kids.

19554279_1306753486040362_7328514531448965389_n 19437503_1306755922706785_7408704714046160964_n

Station 5: Free For All

I ended up creating our own bubble solution for the free for all. I figured I would get more solution than buying from the store. My research also indicated that making your own bubble solution=stronger bubbles. The big key with making your bubble solution is allowing it to sit overnight at the bare minimum.

The kids were able to make bubbles using their own hands, try out random utensils to make different bubbles, and make giant bubbles. I had a super awesome volunteer who made these wands for me. We were able to save 98% of them.

19511175_1306755372706840_4526537518025508802_n    19510231_1306755879373456_2360923934834720681_n   19437277_1306754052706972_28497404122916576_n