Rhyming to Read: Little Bo Peep and I Asked My Mother

Little Bo Peep

Introduction of Rhyme Little Bo Peep
Little Bo peep has lost her sheep
And doesn’t know where to find them.
Leave them alone and they’ll come home,
Bringing their tails behind them.
Acton Rhyme Little Sheep
Little sheep, little sheep, turn around.
Little sheep, little sheep, graze on the ground.
Little sheep, little sheep, frolic on your toes.
Little sheep, little sheep, wiggle your nose.
Little sheep, little sheep, fluff your wool.
Little sheep, little sheep, jump to keep cool.
Little sheep, little sheep, scratch your feet.
Little sheep, little sheep, find your seat.Source: Artsy Toddler
Book Where is Green Sheep?


Flannel Matching Tails to Sheep
IMG_3773Source:Best Toys 4 Toddlers
Finger Rhyme 5 Fluffy Sheep
5 fluffy sheep skating on the floor, one fell down and that left 4.4 fluffy sheep drinking cold tea, one got a tummy ache and that left 3.

3 fluffy sheep wondering what to do, one got bored and that left 2.

2 fluffy sheep laying in the sun, one fell asleep and that left 1.

1 fluffy sheep sitting all alone, he didn’t know what to do so he went home!

Source: Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime

Action Rhyme Newborn Lamb
Tune: I’m A Little TeapotI’m a baby lamb just born today
I want to run around and play
I am very hungry – I must eat
So I’ll grow up big like my daddy sheep.

– repeat, substituting “mommy sheep”

Source:King County Library System

I Asked My Mother

Introduction of Rhyme I Asked My Mother…
I asked my mother
For fifteen cents.
To see the elephant
Jump the fence.He jumped so high
That he touched the sky
And never came back
Til the Fourth of July.
Rhyme I asked my mother
I asked my mother for fifty cents, (put hand out with palm up)
To see the elephant jump the fence, (cup eyes and start to crouch)
He Jumped so high, (jump up)
He reached the sky, (keep jumping)
And didn’t come back till the Fourth of the July. ( wave goodbye)I assigned the actions to the rhyme.
Magnet Board Recognize Money
IMG_3774This was slightly harder for my younger participants. However, parents/guardians of my older participants really liked this idea.
Action Colonel Hathi’s March

We had the kids march around the room.

Goodbye Song


Lamb Tails: We made sure the strings were long enough for the kids to tie them around their waists.


Wrap the lamb: We received our inspiration from Verona Storytime. Our craft did kind of look like a mummy. This is a great tactical craft!


Elephant: Our last take-home craft was a Popsicle elephant that went to our last rhyme.



Squirrels – Toddler

We celebrated national squirrel day!

Introduction  Hello Hello!
Action Rhyme The Squirrel
Sneaky, squeaky (tiptoe)
Hippity, hop, (hop)
Up he goes (stretch arms up)
To the tree top.
Whirly, twirly (spin around)
Round and round
Down he scampers (sit down)
To the ground.
Source: Circle Time Activities, Grade Preschool
Book The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel 


Flannel Acorns
Down around the corner by the big oak tree
Sat five little acorns looking so yummy
Along came a squirrel with a big bushy tail.
He took one acorn and ran off down the trail.
(4,3,2,1).Source: One Little LibrarianIMG_3668
Book  Shake the Tree! A Minibombo Book by Chiara Vignocchi


Traditional Rhyme This is Big Big Big
This is big big big
This is small small small
This is short short short
This is tall tall tall
This is fast fast fast
This is slow slow slow
This is yes yes yes
This is no no no
Source: Mel’s Desk

Second Rhyme We Do:
Very, Very Tall 

Nursery Rhyme  Little Miss Muffet
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey;
Along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away.
Sign Language Squirrel
Action Rhyme Grey Squirrel
Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your busy tail!
Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your busy tail!
Wrinkle up your funny nose
Hold a nut between your toes
Grey squirrel, grey squirrel
Swish your busy tail.
Source: Small Town Story Time Lady
Action Song Nuts
Put your acorns UP, put your acorns DOWN
Hold your acorns and turn around!
Put your acorns UP, put your acorns DOWN
Put your acorn down on the groundSource:One Little Librarian
I modified the version from squirrels to acorn. Just a recommendation, I originally said “nuts” and realized it didn’t work as well….

I gave the kids egg shakers for this portion.

Dance Song  I’m a Nut (a cappella)
Dance Song  Let Us Chase the Squirrel
Traditional Song ABC, Count to 5
Goodbye Song Skidamarink

Craft: Scaredy Squirrel hat! Mrs Wills’ Kindergarten was my source.