Sensory Sprouts: Puffer Fish

This was inspired by glove bunny craft on tiktok/facebook. However, I wanted to make my own version of it that fit our summer reading theme. A Puffer Fish!


·        Cup

·         Glove

·         Eyeball Sticker

·         Sticker Jewels

·         Straw

·         Rubber band

·         Markers (not provided)


·         Decorate the bottom of the cup with markers.

·         Lay the glove flat and place the eyeball sticker on the thumb of the glove.

·         Decorate the rest of the glove with the sticker jewels.

·         Place the glove carefully over the top of the cup.

·         Secure the glove to the cup with rubber band.

·         Find the hole in the cup and slide the straw into the hole.

·         Carefully blow the puffer fish up!


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