Introduction Put Your Little Foot By Miss Carole
Daily ReportDay, Weather
Recognition RhymeWhat’s in the Yellow Box
What’s in the lunch box, lunch box
What’s in the lunch box? I don’t know,
Let’s find out!
Source: King County Library System

This was originally a color rhyme, but I changed it up for kids to recognize foods.
Weekly RhymeThis is Big, Big, Big
This is big, big, big.
This is small, small, small.
This is short, short, short.
This is tall, tall, tall.
This is fast, fast, fast.
This is slow, slow, slow.
This is yes, yes, yes.
This is no, no, no.
Source: Melissa Depper, a children’s librarian in the Denver metro area

We do it twice. Once with our traditional hand movements and the second time with ASL.
BookThe Pigeon Has to Go To School by Mo Willems
Weekly RhymeClap Your Hands
Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap your hands with me.
Clap your hands let me see
Clap your hands with me.

Beep, beep, beep your nose.
Touch, touch, touch your shoulders.
Tap, tap, tap your knees.
Shake, shake, shake your feet.
Nursery RhymeMary Had a Little Lamb
Action RhymeThe Sharing Song
Tune: London Bridge
I am learning how to share,
How to share, how to share.
I am learning how to share.
This heart is for you.
Source:Totally for Twos by the Mailbox

I had hearts that kids held. They would then pass it to their caregiver or another child.
Dot ActivityWe did a dot marker activity that worked on letter recognition.
Dance SongHead Shoulders Knees and Toes
Dance SongWheels on the Bus by Cocomelon
Cool Down ActivityHigh and Low
Here’s my little hand. (hold out hand)
Watch me make it go
First up so high, (reach hand up)
Then down so low. (reach hand down).
Source: Busy Bees: Fun for Two’s and Three’s
Closing SongsABC, Count to 5
Goodbye songSay Goodbye by Miss Carole

Craft: School Bus


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