Bedtime – Preschool

Introduction  Put Your Finger in the Air by Carole Peterson
BookPete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues by Kimberly Dean
Flannel BoardBedtime Routine
Source: Fun With Mama
BookDon’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems
Action RhymeI Went to Bed and I Tried To Sleep
I went to bed and I tried to go to sleep
But somebody put running shoes on my feet! (run in place)
Repeat with ballet shoes, (dance) tap shoes, (tap dance) basketball,
(dribble and shoot) shoes, snow,(ski) shoes…

Variation for “hat” theme:
I was tired (yawn) so I went to bed (head on hands)
But somebody put a cowgirl hat on my head! (gallop)

Repeat with swimming cap (swim/dive), football helmet (run),
firefighter’s hat (spray water), etc.
Source: King County Library System
Action RhymeI’m a Little Candle
Let’s be candles. 
Stand up straight and tall. 
Here’s the wick on top.
Let’s light the wick — POOF!
I’m a little candle growing smaller as you see.
(sing on descending scale, slowly sinking down and speaking more and more slowly)
All my wax is melting till there’s nothing left of me.
Now I’m just a puddle of wax!
Source: King County Library System
Group ActivityJumping on the bed by Asheba
I busted out the parachute and a bin of teddy bears.
The kids had to make the teddy bears jump on the bed!
Dance SongHot Lava Game
I laid out bedsheets close together. The kids had to get on a “bed” and when
the music started, they jumped from bed to bed. Once I stopped the music,
they had to be on a bed or they would be in lava.
Cool DownAlphabet Count to 10
Goodbye SongWiggle Finger! By Miss Carole
The inspiration came from Door 2 Door Librarian, but I found it on Pinterest.

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