Alien Creations


Introduction For the end of summer reading, I was looking for a program that wouldn’t require much guidance but would allow the kids to have fun. Solution: Food creations. Putting the spin of the summer reading theme, I came up with Alien Creations. I picked several different activities that the kids could easily create without much help.
Station 1: Melted Aliens This was a super cost-effective food station. I pre-made green jello. I then had whipped cream and eyes for the kids to make their own melting alien. This was actually one of the most popular stations. Jello is a winner with the kids.
Jello aliens
Station 2: Alien Family This inspiration came from Newspaper Cat. However, I slightly modified it. I could not find white chocolate-covered pretzels to save my life, so I opted for regular pretzels. I then gave the kids squeezable frosting and M&Ms to create their own alien family.
Station 3: Alien Home Since I was giving a TON of sugar, I wanted a healthy activity as an option. This station was not the favorite…for obvious reasons. The parents were grateful. The kids were more meh. I cut the rice cakes into half and had some bananas already sliced up. Peanut Butter was on a separate table. I did ask if there were any allergies to it before I opened it.
Station 4: Make Your Own Alien This was the easiest station to throw together. I found random food items and created a buffet. The kids were able to go through and create their own alien. This was the favorite all-around. The kids asked if they could go through it several times. It might be the reason why so many left hyped up…

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