Time Travelers: Ancient Egypt


Introduction American Girl is very popular in my library. However, while all are welcome to attend, the program tends to be heavily attended by our young female patrons. Hoping to expand programming to encompass all, I created Time Travelers.  This program has similar characteristics of my American Girl program but offers a larger selection of themes (worldwide) and is not so girl-focused.  I felt that most kids go through some Egypt phase, and this would be a good jumping off point.
Activity 1: Write like an Egyptian My first activity was hieroglyphics. I’ve done this in the past, and I know kids get a kick out of writing their name in another language. I actually had some old promotional material that worked well for this activity. The kids got a strip with a hieroglyphic alphabet and then were able to write their own name. Would say this went much smoother for older participants than young participants.
Activity 2: Pyramid Experiment Our second activity we talked about how the Egyptians possibly moved the large bricks to build the pyramids. The kids received a heavy tome and had to push it across the floor. Carpet obviously gives an advantage, but then we handed out pencils and the kids created a sledge. The kids then experimented with how fast they could move the books.
Craft 1/2: This program wouldn’t be complete without some pyramid building. I found a cool pyramid craft involving cereal. We opted to use Cinnamon Toast Crunch, as it is also a tasty snack. Some kids built their pyramid ups or did them flat.
pyramidThe additional craft/activity was actually building pyramids out of styrofoam cups. Almost all the kids were determined to participate in this activity.
Activity 3: Mummies Our final activity was mummies! Our maintenance department graciously donated toilet paper rolls to the program. I then had the kids race to wrap a family member/friend. Once they were all wrapped then the mummy was able to break out of their wrapping. We did this about three times!
mummy.jpg mummy 2

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