Rhyming to Read: This is the Way the Lady Rides



Opening Song Welcome
Introduction of Rhyme This is the way the lady rides,
Nim, nim, nim!
This is the way the gentleman rides,
Trim, trim, Trim!
This is the way the farmer rides,
Turot, Turot, Turot!
This is the way the hunter rides.
Galop, galop, galop, galop!For this part, we said the rhyme and did different movements for the each section. For the last galop, we would all fall down to the ground.
Die-Cut Horses I had a volunteer cut out a different color die-cut horses. We made the horses make different galloping movements.
Rhythm I handed out bells and we worked on different rhythms to the rhyme.
Dance Song Galloping Country Style

We galloped around the room.

Obstacle Course I put hula hoops around the room and some random buckets. The kids had to run around the hula hoops and jump over the buckets. I played I am a Horse by Jeanie B.
Take-Home I’m currently not in the mood for crafts, so I made a take-home food bar. I called it a Horse Bar and I put favorite food of horses. We had carrots, pretzels (as a substitute for hay), and marshmallows (as a substitute for sugar cubes). This was a big hit with the crowd.


Goodbye  It’s Time to Say Goodbye

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