Ghosts – Toddler

Introduction Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed
Books Five Silly Ghosts by Hilli Kushnir
Action Rhyme The Ghost
I saw a ghost (fingers circle eyes)
He saw me too (point to yourself)
I waved at him (wave your hand)
But he said “BOO!” (try to scare person next to you)
Source: Preschool Education
Book Pop-Up Haunted House
Traditional Rhyme This is Big, Big, Big/Clap Clap Your hands
I have started incorporating sign language into “This is Big, Big, Big” rhyme.
ASL Ghost
Nursery Rhyme Little Miss Muffet
Little miss Muffet she sat on her tuffet,
Eating her curds eating and whey
Along came a spider who sat down beside her
And frightened miss Muffet away.
Action Song Baby Ghost
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying through the air. (Move puppet back and forth in front of toddler.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touching your hair. (Have ghost touch toddlers hair.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying down low. (Bring hand with puppet down low.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your toe. (Bend down and touch ghost to toddlers toe.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Flying up high. (Raise ghost puppet up high.)
Baby ghost, baby ghost
Touches your eye. (I had the kids hide behind their puppets and then we all shouted “Boo!”)
Source: Preschool Express 
Action Song Two Little Ghosts
A very old witch was stirring a pot (make a stirring motion)
Ooo-oooo! Ooo-oooo!
Two little ghosts said, “What has she got?” (shrug shoulders)
Tippytoe, tippytoe, tippytoe…(“walk” fingers up arm or tiptoe in circle)
Boo! (Clap hands loudly)
Source: Storytimes for Two-Year-Olds by Judy Nichols
Dance Song Wiggle Walk by Carole Peterson
Traditional Song ABC, Count to 10
Goodbye Song Say Goodbye




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