Dinosaurs VS. Tea Party

I might be 31 years old, but I do LOVE dinosaurs. The newest Jurassic Park movie releases this Friday, and I am as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. This means I’m a sucker for anything Dinosaurs. I figured a Dinosaur program would be popular, but I wanted a larger appeal, so I threw in a tea party because…..Why not?!

This was a really fun program to plan. Most of my crafts were tea party focused.

IMG_4767[1]  IMG_4768[1].JPG IMG_4769[1].JPG

Majority of activities were dinosaur focused.

Create a Dinosaur with toilet paper tubes.


Dinosaur Eggs. This was probably the most popular station and definitely the messiest. The eggs were also very easy to make. Recipe.


Tea Party with Water Beads


Cave Paintings. I figured this was a nice bridge between the dinosaur aspect and the tea party era.


Finally, we had a guest appearance….


My coworker and I both agreed that the purchase of this costume was two thumbs up!

Overall: This was a huge hit for our community. I believe we had over 100 people attend. Clean-up was an event itself. I would ALWAYS recommend tarps for messy activities. Way easier to clean-up versus picking up tiny pieces.

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