Smash, Crash, World Records

Last Friday I hosted a Smash, Crash, World Records for kids going into grades K5-3rd. I picked some easy activities that the kids could accomplish. I did registration for this program and had 23 out of 25 kids show up. Unfortunately, I only have my set-up pictures, as I was preoccupied with the Jenga station.

Jenga Tower: The world record is obviously for a game that was completed. This would have taken forever, so I simply did how fast the kids could build a Jenga Tower.


Longest Hula Hooping/Most Hula Hoops: My helper timed each kid to see how long they could hula hoop. After they completed the first station, the kids then competed to see who could hula hoop 7 rings. We ended up having three kids tie for first place, so we went to how long they could hula hoop the 7 rings.


Long Jump/Star Jumps: Since long jump was such a hug hit at our Olympic Games, I decided to reincorporate it into this program. However, I spiced it up and actually taped out the longest jump recorded. After the kids completed long jump they went to star jumps. We did it based on a minute. The record is 61 perfect star jumps in 1 minute. Most of the kids could were unable to do a perfect star jump, so we did it based on how many “star jumps” they could complete in a minute.

Observations: This was a very simple program but effective. I had several kids say they would like me to repeat it for the future. I would recommend that you have enough helpers to divide the kids evenly.

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