Sensory Playtime (December 2015)

For our final 2015 sensory playtime, my coworker and I had to aim for a simple but fun session. We had a program scheduled for the next day, and we needed activities that we could easily clean up.

Our first station was peek-a-boo animal books. My coworker found this fabulous idea in a book, and we had our volunteers color and place material to make the books touch and feel. This were also great in that we saved them for our future Waddler and Walker Storytimes.

10583914_898848840164164_1427862807298443547_n 12391937_898848850164163_460224867963775028_n

Our second station was colorful pom-poms. We have two boards with different colorful tubes. We did have the option of separating the pom-poms into their respected colors, but we thought it made it more interesting for the children to try and put the colored pop-pom down its matching tube.

10398588_898848133497568_3190798022364151240_n 12366490_898849020164146_7243201928814456049_n

Our third station was the egg carton walk. We taped down egg cartons to a cardboard for the kids to walk on. We also flipped them different ways for the kids to explore the different texture as they walked.

12373318_898848750164173_9098061716805280908_n 12391453_898848216830893_1616814186301145609_n

Our fourth station was rhythm sticks. My coworker led this station. Parents could grab a rhythm stick for their child and follow my coworker as the kids tapped the sticks to different songs.

12376279_898848300164218_6738132233726179978_n 12376279_898848300164218_6738132233726179978_n

Our final station was colorful fish. This was great for sight and taste. We got the colored goldfish.


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