Sensory Playtime (November 2015)

November was our second Sensory Playtime and boy, was it a blast! We once again had five stations, but we primarily focused on touch.

Our first station was shredded paper. This was very cost effective but messy! It was probably the favorite station. The kids would bury themselves in the paper, throw the paper up in the air, and make mounds with it.

12187675_886729844709397_3042994085555914477_n     12250186_886730314709350_4491298781093637976_n12241681_886730078042707_4851291968500261963_n    12208448_886729291376119_3407831957590663955_n

Our second station was a messy pile of leaves. The kids again had a blast throwing the leaves up in the air. We did provide a painting of a tree. This offered kids the opportunity to place the leaves on the tree if they wanted. However, they were way more interested in tossing the leaves up in the air.

12249882_886727898042925_7797861756019734570_n 12241747_886728788042836_6901256409072361036_n

12190803_886728181376230_5296194343843845174_n  11041117_886729561376092_688069931202377824_n

Our third station was sound bottles. The kids were able to shake them and stack them up. We caught a few kids wondering around with a bottle, but hey, at least they were developing their senses!

12243565_886727984709583_5280307341081618116_n  12241561_886730568042658_4351742034120931936_n


Our fourth station was sticky paper. My coworker discovered this idea and we absolutely loved it. We talked about different kinds of tape to use and decided on contact paper. Duct tape seemed too harsh. We saw different ways our patrons interacted with this station. Young babies walked/crawled over it. Older kids would try and pick it up with their hands. We have tagged this one to do again, but maybe put out little items that the kids could stick and unstick stuff to the paper.

12274627_886729931376055_8277327921403269972_n  12247200_886729434709438_2665383375881534936_n

12249865_886730108042704_5650756145603084385_n  12243320_886728781376170_3434793708923841661_n

Our final station was ice cubes. I froze a bunch of toys into the ice, and the kids objective was to try and melt the ice to get to the toy. These are very cheap toys, so if a toy walks off with a child, it was not the end of the world. Surprisingly, this might have been the second favorite station. I had several of the older kids tell me about it.

12247061_886729894709392_6208678920572560704_n  12219334_886729928042722_1458955374231577601_n







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