Wacky Wednesday–Water Fireworks & Color Changing Milk

I did my first ever Wacky Wednesday on September 17, 2014. This is going to be a trial and error program, as my community has several different grade schools that are released at different times. I did do a Facebook post and it reached over 100 people, but I have a feeling that my 4:00pm time might be stopping my crowd. Regardless, I did still have some kids show up.

My theme for this month was experiments. I picked color changing milk and water fireworks as our experiments.

Water Fireworks

I found this experiment in Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts For Kids. However, you can find the instructions all over the web. Here is a link to one example.

The kids really liked this craft, and we ended up recreating the experiment several different times. I even had a child ask me if she could take the ingredients home. Grandma told her granddaughter that she could do it at home with her own ingredients, and by golly, they did. The little girl came back on Monday and told me all about it.

Pictures from our original run.

1619462_702161296499587_186195950014816565_n          1972266_702161339832916_698240339399961902_n

10614350_702161369832913_1395306436999774993_n          10710937_702161396499577_4727899155499245346_n

Pictures from the second round.

10665848_702161606499556_8516917984148292038_n          10703985_702161529832897_613950711532345949_n

Color Changing Milk

I’ve been itching to try this experiment and finally got the chance to do it this month. I found my instructions from the Steve Spangler Science website.

This was fun for the kids but not as exciting as the water fireworks. They thought it was cool how the milk responded when the q-tip had dish soap on it. However, they all soon started swirling their milk with their q-tips.

10702151_702161429832907_1350742310491290645_n         10649697_702161406499576_1511402673968103127_n


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