Opening Song

If You Want to Hear a Story
Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It”

If you want to hear a story, clap your hands!
If you want to hear a story, clap your hands!
If you want to hear a story,
If you want to hear a story,
If you want to hear a story, clap your hands!




Cat Secrets by Jeff Czekaj
Where is Tippy Toes? by Betsy Lewin


Action Rhymes

Can You Meow Like Me (make appropriate noises)

Meow very loudly.
Meow like a giant cat.
Meow in a squeaky voice.
Meow like a scared cat.
Meow like a happy cat.
Meow like a sad cat.
Meow like an angry cat.
Meow in a whisper voice.


 Flannel Board

Rainbow Kittens

Six little kittens found a box of paint.
They jumped right in…their mother will faint!
The first little kitten came out all red.
“I’ll be orange,” the second kitten said.
The third little kitten turned bright yellow.
“I’ll be green,” said the next little fellow.
The fifth kitten said, “My favorite is blue.”
“Purple for me,” said the sixth with a mew.
Dancing home the kittens go
To show their mother a KITTEN RAINBOW!
Source: Read Rabbit Read

photo 4 photo (1)photo 5


Take Home Craft

photo 1
Source: Toddler Approved


Closing Dance Song

Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill



We had a blast with this storytime. The kids really enjoyed making cat noises with me. The books also went over really well. I was able to hook the kids with Cat Secrets by doing voices for each cat. It was also recommended to me that Cat Secrets makes an awesome puppet storytime. The kids also liked trying to find Tippy in Where is Tippy Toes? I had a third book, but I scraped it. I felt like the flow would have been disrupted by adding a third book.

The flannel board was AWESOME! I started by telling the kids that I bought six friends with me and their mama. Like the puppy storytime, we named the six kitties. Then when I started dipping each kitty in their specific color, I received lots of “ooooohhhhhs and ahhhhhs” from the crowd. I did add my own twist on this flannel. Another blogger mentioned that she had cat puppet that licked all the kitties back to white. I decided to make a flannel mama kitty and then have her change to a tie-dye color after she cleaned all her kittens. The crowd really liked this surprise.

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